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    Excellent and Latest Friendship Messages and Sms Quotes Pictures Images 2013 Free Download

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      Friendship Messages:-

    7 colours make Rainbow.
    7 chords make Music.
    7 days make a week.
    7 continents make d world. N
    7 beautiful letters make us "FRIENDS"

      Friendship Opens Many Doors

    Each With A Different View

    But None Could Be More Beautiful View

     "A friend is sweet when it is new..
    it is sweeter when it is true..
    but u know that..
    it is the sweetest when it is u.."

     Relations Do Not Shine
    By Just Shaking Hand In The Best

    But Relations Shine

     Friendship is a priceless gift,
    That cannot be bought or sold.
    But it`s value is far greater,
    Than a mountain of gold.

     "LOVE"is a Small Coin"LIFE" is a BIG Coin"Wife" is a Lucky Coin"Lover" is a Sweet Coin BUT,"FRIENDSHIP" is a GOLD Coin Keep it safe it.

     There are many stars but the moon is u,There are many friends but the best is u,To forget me that`s up to u,To forget u I will never ever do

    Lovely times of our life will not return back 4ever.Bt the lovely relation & the missing memories of friends will stay in the heart 4EVER.

    A friendship is like a winding road,u never know where it is going to go.But there is something that I do know,Which is that our friendship

    yo heart is a beautiful garden and my friendship is a small rose in u r garden please do not pluck that rose for any reason.

    Best friends are those people who make your problems their problems so that you don`t have to go through them alone.

    Tear`s of eyes r valuable...Speech of lips r powerfull...Heart with love is beautifull...Life with frnd like u...is the most Wonderfull.

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